Monday, May 25, 2009

Has it seriously been a month?!?!

Josie is becoming quite the artist. She loves to draw and I love that she is able to be entertained. This was her first family portrait and I love it...I love everything about it....from Landon's glasses to the addition of Grandma on the far right!!! Unfortunately she recently broke her arm, her left arm and she is left handed. But it hasn't slowed her much...she now draws with her right hand and is continuing to dance. She is one tough cookie.

Payton is busy being all boy. One day he got stuck out in the middle of the garden lot and there was no way I was going to go get him. He was totally content stuck out in that mud. Landon eventually went to save him, only to have Payton throw mud at him...isn't that nice.

Then Payton proceeded to have a little bird bath.

We also got to enjoy a few tulips this Spring for a few days. That was until Payton picked every last one of them. And no he didn't bring his mother a bouquet of flowers...he fed them to the horses.
Payton is loving riding horses. This is him on Zip. Bulls Eye is getting trained and he can't wait to have his own horse.

Haylee stays busy tootling around all day. She likes to mimic everything that we do...kind of like this picture because I crouched down to get a picture and then she had to crouch down also. She is a funny little girl. She loves to sing at church and she is pretty serious about cracks me up. She is finally getting teeth on the more gumming it. Woohoo a total of four teeth!!!