Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping with the Family

Miracles do happen....the partial Smith Family went camping. It was spur of the moment, close to home, but so fun! I've decided mom and dad need a little more practice camping...I think mom forgot 90% of what she was supposed to bring..haha. Dad entertained us that night with his guitar..sorry bro's and sis's who weren't there you missed out. We made up some songs...I think the hit of the night was "You look good in your brother's shirt". Twin Lakes
Some say they look alike....whats your vote?

Oh see that boy laying in the dirt...yep thats Payton and dirt is one of his favorite things. He wanted to sleep their all fact I think he might have fallen asleep there.

Haylee and Josie all tucked in.
Josie and Payton spent the morning entertained by a few eggs. They kept building nests for them and waiting for them to hatch.
Haylee's first piece of licorice.

Camping with the Kiddo's

Well we finally went camping. Summer is coming to an end and we decided we better get some camping in before it was long gone. We planned this great little trip to Willow Flats but....things just wouldn't go right. The trailer lights wouldn't work which made Landon unhappy and then the wife got testy and Landon got more unhappy and then the kids locked the camper door with the keys inside. This made nobody happy. Eventually we got headed out on the road to a closer destination...High Creek.
Five minutes after we pulled in it started pouring... and it kept pouring and pouring and thundering and lightening. It was we spent the rest of the night inside the camper. The kids thought it was great. The next morning it was beautiful.
Here's Landon checking out his muscles, he claims he was looking at the river. Ya right!! Haha Landon maybe this will inspire you to update the blog!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

West Side Class of 98'

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I graduated from highschool. We had a little reunion at the Dayton Park and it was fun to see some old friends that I never get to see anymore. We had a good time reminiscing and hearing what everybody it up to. Here's me and some of the old peeps.

My very good friend Bryce with his soon to be wife Lissa. We are so excited for them!

This is about how much fun Landon had.

Ryder and Rachel

Rachel's husband was out of town a few weeks ago so her and Ryder came to visit. It was so nice to have an adult around to talk to and the kids had fun playing. One of the days we took a ride on the ranger down to the river and the kids play around for a bit.
The last night that she was here we went to the Famous Preston Night Rodeo and Parade. It was a lot of fun. Here's Josie and Payton anticipating an exciting ride on the Carousel.
Landon having a joyous ride, this is about the only ride he can handle.....haha.
Ryder and Haylee tuckered out while Rachel and I stayed up talking all night.