Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

This year we decided to spend the night at my parents for Christmas. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. We had such a great time with Tanner, Leisha, Holly, Adam, Mom, Dad and Grandpa. We enjoyed mom's great traditional candle lit dinner and then reading and reenacting the Nativity. It was a fun night filled with Tanner and Josie dancing, Grandpa singing Greensleeves, Christmas music and kids full of excitement.
Spreading some Reindeer Dust

During our Christmas Eve celebration we heard bells and a knock at the door. The kids were excited to find PJ's with a note from the was time to go to bed!

All snuggled in....

Tanner's Christmas surprise in his stocking (Leisha I can't believe you!)

She asked for Dorothy shoes....I guess by the look on her face these were close enough

Tea Party with Belle

It's all about trains for this kiddo

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa came to L-town on a firetruck to take orders last Friday. The kids have always been too scared to enjoy it, but this year they couldn't wait!!!!

Josie and Santa reading her letter:
Dear Santa,

I like you. I've been good. Please bring me fingernail polish, teaset, and Dorothy shoes.
Love, Josie

Payton explaining which trains he needs and our great babysitter as the Elf

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!

This past weekend was Josie's Birthday. She has been anticipating this day since September. She had a great day and loved every minute of it. We love having Josie in our family. She is a little tease but always makes us laugh. She loves princesses, reading, tea parties and painting her nails. She loves her little sister so much she can't keep her hands off of her. Her and Payton are little buddies and play and fight and play and fight all day. Isn't that great? This is a picture of her with her favorite person in the world and she's holding the card that her Uncle Cole sent her from his mission. It was definitely a highlight for the day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Halloween Fun....Late

Trunk or Treat in L-town

The Headless Horseman
Arrrgh Matey-Shiver My Timbers
Guess Who?
The Wild Party at moms

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!!!

Patti had an awesome Halloween Party. It was one of the most fun I've been to. We're not usually the type to get into dressing up, but we all had a great time! Patti went all out with a Spook Alley, Carving Pumpkins, a Pinata. Even the food was themed with Mummy Dogs, Goblets with Dripping Blood, Eyeball deviled eggs and more. Thank you Nana for the fun!

Austin Powers

Father and Sons

Austin Powers and Associate

Willy the Pirate



Kitty, Cheerleader, and the Incredibles (Helen, Bob, Violet and Dash all made an appearance)

The Hostess

Captain Pete
Mad House in the Garage

Power Ranger using his skills on the pinata

Even Grandma and Grandpa couldn't resist getting in on the fun!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Adventures

Well apparently Fall is here and we are hoping it will stick around for awhile. The past few days have been freezing so I am dreading Winter already. We've already had snow flurries. Hunting has begun...YeeHaw. Landon was gone last week hunting elk in the Uintas and alas was unsuccessful but had a good time freezing in a teepee dreaming of his bed at home. We did make it up Logan Canyon to enjoy some beautiful views a few weeks ago. We went to Tonys Grove, I can't believe I have never been there. It was great and we will definately be going back. On our way out we saw a deer, bull elk and bull moose all in about 100 yards. The kids thought we were at the zoo.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time to clean the floors!!!!

So its official Haylee is crawling. And she's not doing any of the army crawling like Payton, she's on all fours and cruising everywhere. My life just became much more difficult.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wellsville Mountains

Google "steepest mountains" and you will get the Wellsville Mountains. Rumor has it they are in the Guinness book of world records. I have always wanted to explore them but everyone has told me they are too steep. So when someone said they were going I jumped right on board. What an awesome adventure! Me, Patti, Jenny and Jenny
View from Wellsville Cone
Elevation: 9356 feet
Patti's victory flag
View of Box Elder County from first summit
The leaves were just starting to change and everything was beautiful and the weather perfect.
Other fun facts about the day:
I had an awesome babysitter and perfect cell phone coverage the entire time.
In this case going up was much easier than going down...the descent was so steep!
I found out that one of the girls I went with is a cousin to a good friend of mine.
There was a 70 year old woman doing the same hike...needless to say she gave me much inspiration.
Hikers are very nice people.
I remembered again how spiritual nature can be.
I forgot ya I'm red.
I ate everything I took and drank all my water, so I guess I can't be classified as over-prepared.
I was thinking about Hannah most of the time, hoping she was surviving Hurricane Ike.
I'm still struggling with stairs...ouch I'm so sore.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The things kids say....

Me: Josie I'm busy and you are not asking nicely
Me: Josie stop seriously, I will when I'm finished
Josie: You never give me anything like fish, or peacocks, or yogurt!
Josie(holding her thigh): Mom I'm getting skinny.
Me: Oh no!
Josie: I think I better eat some cereal.
Me: I think you're ok
Josie: Are you skinny?
Me: No I'm kinda chubby.
Josie: Oh I don't want to be chubby like you and Haylee

Dad: Josie give me a kiss on the cheek
Josie: Let me kiss you with my foot

Me: Josie you can't ever grow up
Josie: But why?
Me: Because I want you to stay little forever and be my little girl. I don't want you to grow up and go to school or move away. I don't want you to grow up.
Josie: But mom I need to.
Me: Why?
Josie: Cuz I need to reach things.

Me: Josie eat your dinner, it's good.
Josie: No it's sick
Me: Payton likes it. Huh Payton it's good?
Payton: Uh Huh, it's good Josie
Josie: No it's sick
Payton: You're tupid

Driving past our church
Grandma: Payton there's you're church
Payton: Hate it
Grandma: What?
Payton: Hate church
Grandma: No you don't
Payton: Hate it
Grandma: Do you like to learn about Jesus?
Payton: Ya....

Clearly we need to work on Payton's language, seems how yesterday at the park he used a bad word like 50 times. I was so embarrassed! And just to defend myself he was trying to say witch....Oh and you know how he used to repeat all the animals sounds at church...Now he likes to identify all the animals behinds in all the books and then say "Bum" and then laugh...sorry to everyone who sits next to us. I usually apologize before the meeting just so they know what they are getting themselves into.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping with the Family

Miracles do happen....the partial Smith Family went camping. It was spur of the moment, close to home, but so fun! I've decided mom and dad need a little more practice camping...I think mom forgot 90% of what she was supposed to bring..haha. Dad entertained us that night with his guitar..sorry bro's and sis's who weren't there you missed out. We made up some songs...I think the hit of the night was "You look good in your brother's shirt". Twin Lakes
Some say they look alike....whats your vote?

Oh see that boy laying in the dirt...yep thats Payton and dirt is one of his favorite things. He wanted to sleep their all fact I think he might have fallen asleep there.

Haylee and Josie all tucked in.
Josie and Payton spent the morning entertained by a few eggs. They kept building nests for them and waiting for them to hatch.
Haylee's first piece of licorice.