Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Update....

Here's a quick or not so quick update on the fam......


Graduated from kindergarten

Had the cutest friends and a great teacher

I still can't believe she is reading

She loved school and misses it and her friends

Loves to play on the computer

She is mom's best helper

Oh...and she rode the goat...cuz that's how we roll...haha

where to begin...

most recent conversation

Payton: Mom if I tell you what I did will I get hot sauce?

Mom (very frightened): No...what did you do?

Payton: So I won't get hot sauce?

Mom: Tell me what you did....NOW!

Payton: When I pee, I pee on the wall

Mom: Come on lets go clean it up...

five minutes pass while mom and son scrub walls and floors of bathroom

mom begins lecture

Mom: Payton you cannot pee on the wall or you will have to pee sitting down. All pee must go inside the toilet. If you miss you must clean it up. Do you understand?

Payton (staring at mom intently): Mom what color are your eyes? I think they are a pretty color.

Mom(gives up): Payton go to bed.

Payton: Mom do I get hot sauce?

Mom: No Payton. Go to bed. I love you.

And who else in the world gets love notes from their son on a tulip leaf????

That is soooo Payton.....


Haylee's current favorite sayings:

I'm hungry

I'm hungry

Mom I'm hungry

Dat's boring (when I tell her to go to sleep)

Your greasy (if anyone passes gas)

Oopsey dupsey

She loves her little Zaners

Must get cereal ASAP in the morning or all H*$$ breaks loose

And you better put it in the right color of bowl

Loves to go to work with her Daddy

And still loves treats!


Growing like a weed (make him stop)

Fussy after eating

Spits up a lot

Beginning to smile and make eye contact

Sleeps well (thank goodness)


Still adjusting to four kids

Searching for a mini-van

Dreading going back to work next week

Thinking about starting to exercise

Really hates the words "I'm hungry"

Loving our simple life


Starting to go crazy with recent rainfalls
Getting sick of the rain

Wants the sun to shine
Needs the fields to dry up

Spending lots of extra time with the family ;)