Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dance Recital

Josie did so great this year at the dance recital and wouldn't you know it...I thought the video cam was recording...but it wasn't. So bummed!!!! Good thing we got a few pics!


All the Wiser girls posing

My Baby is Growing Up!!!

Haylee had a birthday a few months ago and continues to change daily. She makes us laugh a lot. She is full of all kinds of spunk. She is talking more each day. We laugh at her grumpiness every morning, but by afternoon....I am not laughing at it anymore. She loves Elmo, reading her dad's farm/horse magazines, food (especially cereal and ice cream) and dancing. We are trying to convince her that she is a big girl and ready to go on the potty but she adamantly refuses to be a big girl and says 'Me baby'.