Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great Christmas. It looks like we are finally 'wrapping' things up around here. We survived all the family Christmas parties. I've made it past the guilt that I was receiving from every Christmas card that came in the mail, knowing that I had not sent any this year. And lets be honest it was the same thing with all of the neighbor gifts as well. I'm not sure why but this Christmas season we have been in survival mode. We have had some great moments as a family to reflect on the true reason for the season. On the nights that we have actually been home we have sat around the Christmas tree at night and been able to read Christmas stories and sing songs. It does seem to be a challenge to help the kids realize that the birth of our Saviour gives us much more joy than Santa could ever dream of. I love this time of the year it and the opportunity it gives each of us to remember the true divinity of Jesus Christ.
Christmas Dinner at my mom and dads