Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last week it rained so much this is what our garden lot looked like. Landon was not so happy because he would like to get some farming done. So after a week of not being able to do much Landon was ready to get out of here, so we headed up to the Salmon Horse Sale and met some friends there. It was so beautiful there. And the weather was 67*... it felt so good to soak it in. The kids were reasonably good on the long drive.

The kids weren't so interested in the sale so I stayed with some of them out in a pasture where the truck and trailer were. The pasture had shiz everywhere...cow, horse... you name it. Josie usually bawls about going to the barn because of the poop, but apparently it didn't have much effect on her here.
I found it humorous that we would sit and eat our lunches here with this sweet little cowpie as the centerpiece...nobody seemed to mind. Gotta love the country life!

Payton awing the boys with his double jointed thumbs up.

Speaking of pies...look at this sweetie pie.

Our friends have seven boys. And this is one of them being so sweet with Haylee.
Ty and Haylee
Ty getting ready to do this........
Which leads to this........
All in all it was a fun little break for all of us. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the river.
Sunset in Pocatello on the way home...who knew Pocatello could look so beautiful?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching Up....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...April is just flying by. The weather has been crazy. We have had a few nice days here and there, but mostly it has been raining or snowing or blowing. A few weekends ago we went to Vernal to see Brandon and Mindy and the Band. We all had a great time. The kids had so much fun playing. And we were all able to relax and listen to conference. Thanks again guys for letting us invade!!!

Landon was in charge of the kids Easter pictures this year while I was cooking and I think he did a pretty good job. It was a fun Easter weekend. We did Easter egg hunts and such on Saturday and got to spend time with our families throughout the weekend. The weather actually cooperated for us so that was nice. I really enjoy Easter. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and know that through Him we will all be able to live again. What an amazing plan Heavenly Father has for each of us! I really enjoyed teaching more about this to the kids this year. Definitely something to celebrate...He is risen!

Enjoying the sun!
Monday Holly and Adam were so amazingly nice to share some Jazz tickets with us. Most of you know I am slightly crazy about the Jazz...even though they are stinkin it up lately...I've still got the faith! First we went out to dinner to was so good, I'm still thinking about it. I don't know what my problem was but I didn't take my camera to the game, so Landon's phone will have to do. We were on the tenth was so much fun!
So the Jazz won, but the most exciting news of the night was finally making it onto the Jumbo Tron. Not once....but twice!!!! Adam and Landon were was great. Thanks Holly for being my Bongo Drum partner!

Random pic here...

Landon and I celebrating the win!!!!

Snapping a shot of the Bear right before he sprayed me down.