Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank-you Grandma

Thank you to Grandma Lynda. As you can see Josie loves her scriptures and scripture case that you made. We love you!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 Weeks!!!

We have survived week 3. And I am willing to admit that I'm starting to get a little restless and can't wait to get out. Everytime I hear about Hannah and Cassie's families playing outside I am surprisingly jealous of where they live. The temps here are still going into the negatives. Luckily the Jazz are back in action, so I do have some entertainment in the evenings since we're not busy doing anything else. HaHa

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Today I keep thinking of all the things I love. First of all I am so thankful for my amazing husband. He has survived over six years of my mood swings, three pregnancies, two years of me in dental hygiene school, plenty of burnt food and all of my other innumerable flaws. Thank you Landon for everything. Landon and I often say we can't believe we are parents, I guess we better face the facts now that we have three, denial is pretty tough at this point. They are the sunshine in our lifes. They have added so much to our lifes and to our home. Each one brings something more to our family and at this point I couldn't feel more blessed. Happy LOVE day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Great Outdoors

After two weeks of being stuck inside I told Landon today that I had to get out. Since almost everyone that we know is sick, we decided to go for a ride. We headed up Strawberry Canyon over to Bear Lake and then home through Logan Canyon. It was sunny and beautiful. At the top near Beaver Mountain Ski Resort it was about 47 degrees. The kids also must have needed an out because they also had a good time. It has been a beautiful winter. I have enjoyed watching the last few weeks from my window, we have gotten over two feet of snow. It is great to turn up the heat and watch it fall as long as I don't have to drive in it. The kids have loved the snow, I wish I was able to take them out more.

This was the view from out back door last night

And from the front door

Bear Lake

Landon found his dream barn
Josie's first Snow Angel
Marshmallow Payton trying out the sled
These pictures were taken about a month ago, it was another one of those days were I just had to get out, but we had so much fun
Josie and Payton attempting to catch some snowflakes
Josie displaying the Snowman that she built with her nine month pregnant mother, we were so proud....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

One Week Old and then some.....

Checking out the big wide world....

Getting some lovin' from Josie and Payton

Haylee Megan

Well we have survived a week with 3 kids. Everyone keeps telling us, "If you can have 3, you can have 8." I'm not convinced of that. And I think we are being blessed because so far everything has gone well. We are just enjoying the new baby. I have especially looked forward to not going anywhere and am thoroughly enjoying watching the snow fall this week. Landon on the other hand is very very sick of the snow, probably because he has to go out and work in it every day. Josie and Payton are loving having the baby but are missing my full attention. If anyone has any ideas for me to help them get some attention or fun activities for them, please share. Well wish me luck for week 2, because ready or not here it comes......

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well I spent most of the day yesterday looking into the eyes of our little baby, trying to figure out what her name should be. I still think that they should come with name tags.We were all packed and ready to go, all that was left the space to write her name in. As you can tell we were all ready to be home, even the baby was getting bored.
And finally I just decided that no one would be able to help but love her and her adorable little spirit. And so it was decided.....
Haylee Megan Wiser