Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a awesome Easter Sunday. Landon's little brother Cole is getting ready to go on his mission to Peoria Illinois and was speaking in church so we went ahead and blessed Haylee the same day since most of our family would be around. Cole did such a good job speaking, he will be a great missionary. My cousin Bessie also spoke so it was fun to be there. They both spoke on faith, something that I think we all can use more of. We need to replace our fear with faith. Their ward had a youth orchestra, it was amazing, they played an arrangement of I Believe in Christ. Hayden and Caleb Smith were in it, they both play the violin. The last two speakers spoke of Christ and the Resurrection. We are so blessed. Because of Christ's sacrifice we can all, through Him, return to our Heavenly Father. My mind was on Megan throughout most of the day and I know that one day we will see her again. I am so grateful for Heavenly Fathers plan. It was a special day and perfect day for Haylee Megan to receive her name. A glimpse of Haylee smiling
Aunt Holly made her the perfect bracelet to go with the dress The beautiful dress that my mom made
Attempting a family picture with 3 under 3, who are we kidding?

My mom and Haylee
Sharing the Wisdom.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. My Grandpa started showing off his false teeth to these young boys and they sat and talked with him for quite awhile. It was fun to listen to my grandpa share stories with them. The past few years, since my grandma passed away, it has been difficult to watch him suffer the loss. A moment like this reminds me of what a special personality he has. He always has a joke to tell, a poem to recite, and a song to sing. As I was walking away one of the boys said 'so how old are you anyways.' It was so cute. I'm sure my grandpa loved it.

Later in the afternoon we had a little Easter egg hunt with the Wisers

When Payton was a baby we took a picture just like this one on Easter. As Grandpa would say "Oh how they grow."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter puppy?

Landon and Payton went and got a puppy today and suprisingly she is pretty cute. What is even cuter is watching Payton play with her. He already has scratches all over is face, just in time for pictures at the blessing tomorrow.

I had to throw this one in so Hannah could see the new haircut and as always there's Josie the little Princess.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pictures of Baby

Probably not the baby you were looking for, but how cute is this little guy? Here is Haylee.....7 weeks old....time flies by so fast
Check out those chubby cheeks
These are her running shoes

Josie and Payton love their little sister and have been doing great. Our sleep schedule has been a bit off for the past few weeks so we are trying to get back on track, its been hard with the time change. Haylee is growing fast, I can't wait for her 2 month appt to see what she weighs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Princess Wishes: Disney on Ice

Josie spotted an ad for Disney on Ice in the paper and was obsessed so I decided to take the plunge. We got a hotel room off Priceline and headed to Salt Lake. We totally lucked out because we got the Radisson and it was a block away from everywhere that we needed to go. My in-laws came with us and Patti was so nice to stay at the hotel and watch Haylee. Landon and Payton went and rode on the TRAX, which Payton loved of course. I decided to let Josie dress up for the occasion and stupid me thought she would be one of the few. HaHa, there were millions of little princesses running all over Salt Lake. Josie was on cloud nine the entire day. Cristy, Emma and Maddie also came. It was so fun!! Once we got there and it started Josie could not take her eyes off the show. I barely watched the show I was so entertained by Josie. She danced in the isle most the night. This picture explains it all. Josie's favorite.....Sleeping Beauty
More of my lame-o pictures
Sleeping Beauty (Josie) and Bell (Emma)
Me and Josie, don't even ask how much the stupid crown cost. I can't believe the markup on that stuff. The lights blinked on it but the dang thing wouldn't stay on anyones head.
Three little Princesses coming home from the ball.
I love this picture. This is our everyday. Josie LOVES to play dress up. Multiple times throughout the day she comes to me enthusiastically and says "I have a good idear, lets play dress ups ok."

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Watch out Ogden, Here we Come

Since having the baby and Landon's boss being in Hawaii for 2 weeks we have all been getting a little restless and it was time for us to get out. Luckily I saw an ad in the paper for a model train festival and we thought 'what the heck.' So Saturday we headed out of Cache Valley and went all the way to Ogden, believe me it was a big step.

For those of you who don't know, Payton LOVES trains, the rest of us are so-so about trains. We were having a hard time telling if he was enjoying himself until we tried to go into the next room of displays. He started yelling and crying out CHOO-CHOO, CHOO-CHOO. I just had to laugh, I don't know were he got his passion for trains, but its amazing how they can light up his face.
There were rides for the kids to go on and some trains outside for them to play on, but unfortunately for us it started raining and then snowing while we were there so the kids didn't get to enjoy that part. The snow was coming down soooo hard when we were leaving. We were all soaked by the time we got to the car. I will never forget Josie squealing the entire walk back to the car, we both were laughing at the big snowflakes landing on eachothers noses, eyes and everywhere else. It was a great day and the kids were so good!

Shout out to Molly

Hi Molly! My mom finally helped me make my crown and wand, it was kinda hard. I hope you liked yours. Are you having fun in Texas? I want a bike like yours. Love you, Josie.