Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elder Wiser

Landon's youngest brother left on his mission recently and will definately be missed around here. Cole has always been so great with our kids and is always willing to help out. Landon and him have really grown a lot closer the last few years and I'm sure Landon will miss all of the wrestling. We are so excited for Cole and know that he will be an awesome missionary. Cole was set apart as a missionary at Larry and Patti's house and it was such a spiritual experience we are so glad we were able to be there and are so proud of him. We are praying for him everyday!

Elder Wiser

Cook out and Nana and Poppa's a few days before Cole left

Houston with Hannah

I was so blessed to be able to go and spend some time with my little sister Hannah and her family in Houston. I have missed Hannah so much since they moved back east a few years ago and now Jake got a job in Texas so I guess it will probably be awhile until we will live close again. I regret not spending more time with them when they lived in Logan. Anyhow, I took the plunge and bought the plane tickets to go. I had major anxiety about flying. Not really the flying part, but the part about me with two kids alone flying. Payton stayed home with Landon. He went to work with him everyday and was such a good boy. Now that I'm back he is really missing working with daddy. I missed them both so much while I was gone. Anyhow back to the airplane ride. Luckily Cole, my bro-in-law decided to go to SanDiego at the same time so I got him tickets that were similar to mine so he could help out at the airport. He was so great! Haylee slept almost the whole way there and Josie actually did great. She fell asleep 10 minutes before we landed and I had a hard time waking her up to get off the plane. When we got off the plane and were walking through the airport we looked up to see the Oylers waiting to greet us. Josie and Molly started running towards eachother and then hugged, it was so cute!!! It was really humid the day we got there and Josie kept saying "Mom, I'm sweaty" the whole day it was pretty funny. I thought Houston was great, it was so pretty and green, mind you it was still the frozen tundra here in Utah. The first night Jake and Hannah treated us to Mexican food, it was so good, I can still taste it!! The trip was well worth it and went way too fast. We had fun shopping, playing with the girls, staying up late , picnics, ice cream trucks, cooking, making tutu's (courtesy of Grandma Lynda), playing Wii, going to the zoo and holding eachothers babies. Thank you Oylers for letting me invade your house. And thank you thank you Landon for totally supporting me on this one....I owe you big time hello bear hunting! This is my favorite picture of the trip. Isn't Hannah beautiful and Annie so so cute!!!
Here's chubby wubby Haylee in her sun hat.

We loved having the warm weather. Hannah says it was chillier than usual but if felt good to us. Molly loved her whale pool. The water was so cold and she was shaking, but she didn't want to get out.
Annie taking a dip

Josie and I had our first experience with a Wii. Josie played racing cows and I kicked Hannah and Jakes behind in a game of bowling. Ya I got skills
Fun at the Zoo

The Oylers + Josie

Sista's and Babies
Love and Miss you Hannah!
Haylee and Annie

I'm back!!!!

So I don't know where I have really been, but somehow life has kept me soooo busy. Nothing too, travel (that was the most exciting), work. Tonight I finally tried out the whole Redbox thing. The kids watched Alvin and the Chipmunks earlier today and then tonight Landon and I watched Juno. So it's a pretty crazy movie, reminded me of good old Napoleon Dynamite. I must be overly emotional because I actually cried. Holly told me earlier today that it made her cry but I rarely have emotions about movies so I thought I was home free. And I'm sure we cried about different things. As most or all of you know the show is about a pregnant teenager and some other wierd happenings. But anyhow when it got to the part where she is actually giving birth I broke down. It was reminding me how hard the whole process of having a baby is and then to think of a little 16 year old doing it. Hello, I'm 27 and struggle. Teen pregnancy that is a scary thing and its happening...all the time.
Wow this is a wierd post. Well I'll post more and let you know what we've been up to.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flaming Gorge/Red Canyon Lodge

Yes, we actually did it. I'm a little late posting it because this week has been crazy. We headed out last Friday and drove many hours going through Morgan, Evanston, Manilla (yes some pretty exciting places) and onto Flaming Gorge. Actually the drive was great. Our kids are so good in the car so we are pretty blessed. We saw a moose, deer, antelope, bald eagle, elk, and turkey on our trip so we were quite entertained. It was so beautiful there. This is passing on a bridge right before getting to the dam.
I am now realizing that I didn't do a very good job of documenting the trip with pictures although we did use our video camera quite a bit. Here is Payton he thought he was such a big boy.

Thats Haylee all bundled up in the baby sling.
Walking along the bridge and checking out all the fish. I couldn't believe how clear the water was and all the fish. It was awesome. Landon and I are planning on returning someday to float down the river together and fish.

Brandon and Landon went fishing and I begged them to bring me back a fish, I have the best husband!!!! Other than a little meltdown while eating out and Mindy losing her wedding band (which she found this week) we had a great weekend. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. My favorite part a puzzle contest that Tyler and I had, which he ended up winning because my puzzle was missing a piece. Thank you Aubrey for helping so much with the kids. And thank you Tyler and Cooper for sharing all your toys. We can't wait to do it again! On our way home we went to Vernal to see Brandon and Mindy's new house. It was so cute and fit them perfectly. Here's Mindy, Haylee and Me. Doesn't Mindy look great holding a baby?
We made it back Sunday evening and then Monday I was back to work, it was pretty rough. So here we are back to normal life for a bit. Now I am getting ready for the next big trip to go see Hannah. I'm so excited, but so nervous. Wish me luck!