Saturday, October 31, 2009


Nana had her annual Halloween Party and the kids all loved it. Some of the festivities were eating Mummy-dogs, carving pumpkins and frosting sugar cookies. Here we are at the neighbors pumpkin patch looking for the perfect pumkins.

The Gardners Village

Gangsta' Girls

Friday, October 30, 2009

Going to the Zoo with the Zoo....

Savoring one of the last beautiful days of fall Hannah, Rachel, Holly and I decided to brave the crowds and take all the kids to Hogle Zoo. The weather was amazing. It was a really fun day. There were a lot of baby animals and that made it animals are so much cuter. The day actually went well considering we had seven kids under the age of four. Holly even managed to save some poor lost child, we were all surprised she gave him back to his mom.

Josie and Payton chattin' it up with some monkeys...much to Annie's dismay.
Strange creatures I tell you....

Zuri - the baby elephant
Haylee was fine the entire time at the Zoo, EXCEPT at the elephants. I don't know why but she had a total breakdown there.

Haylee hanging on for dear life...

Tony Grove Lake

Keeping the Tony Grove Lake Autumn Tradition

Monday, October 26, 2009

Anniversary Pack Trip

This summer every Wednesday we would meet with friends and the boys would all rope. We had a great time and some great barbeque's. In August the group that we had been meeting with to go roping decided they were going on a pack trip to the Tetons. Landon and I thought there was no way we would ever be able to go...with missing work and figuring out what to do with the kids. Leaving the kids was my biggest concern. One day I was talking to my sister, Holly, and she said she would be more than happy to come and spend the week with our kids. And so we decided what the heck...lets do it. The first year we were married we were getting ready to go on a pack trip and Landon's boss broke his leg a few days before we were supposed to here we are eight years later and we finally made it on a pack trip!!!!
We left late one afternoon and drove up past Jackson Hole. It took us a lot longer than it should have due to a few trailer issues, but that is just our luck...we are use to it. So sometime after midnight we pulled the four trucks and trailers into the parking lot at the trail head. After taking care of the horses everyone pulled out their sleeping backs and slept under the everyone but me I decided I was going to sleep in the truck for one last WARM night. The next morning started early as everyone started to pack the horses and get ready. It takes a lot of work to accomplish this...especially with 20+ horses.

Papa Norda ready to head out. He has been going up to the Tetons for many years with his family. It has always been a family tradition for them and someday I hope we will be able to take our kids. I don't think we would have had any idea what to do without him.

Here is one of the half lingers, there names are Gib and Lyle...for real. I had to watch one of their fat butts almost the whole ride in.

The ride in was amazing. The wild flowers were beautiful. There weren't just a few patches of them...they were all around us the entire ride. It was a 5+ hour ride. Apparently when you ride back in there you are basically the farthest away from a road that you can be. I was worried that our whole trip was going to be cold, but I actually got hot that day. We rode through so many amazing spots. Landon was cursing the whole way...he forgot his fishing pole!!!
Eating some grub. The food was great the whole trip. Everyone helped out with the meals and cleaning up. Each night we would have to hang all of the food in a tree so bears would not come into camp. Thankfully we did not see any bears nor wolves...the men were all a bit disappointed.
Leo lost a "bet" and had to wear this beauty the entire trip.
The blessed pot of hot water for all of the hot chocolate!!!

Wade and Lily

Day 2 of no showering...eek!!

Hayden getting a little impatient with the fish up at Crater Lake

Landon relaxing at the Lake

Check out the fish we were pulling out of that Lake!!!

Ty reeling in one of his many catches...he was definitely the fisherman of the day.

Heading back to camp after a day at the lake. About two minutes after this picture we were caught in a hail/rain storm. What a way to end off Day 3 of no shampoo.

Kaleb with his horses

I always knew Landon was a mule man...

Moving on to the next campsite...well that was until the snow/rain started and we decided to just head to the trucks and go on a day ride the next day.

Here is most of the crew...oh and those horse ears...they represent me. All in all we had an excellent time. Only one traumatic experience. No bears. I didn't get bucked off. We stayed warm the whole time. Slept on an air mattress. Had plenty to eat. Read a great Lois L'Amour book. It was the perfect vacation for Landon and I. I hoping it becomes a tradition!!! Thank you Holly for making it all possible!!!