Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Josie!!!!

It took us awhile to convince Josie but, it's true she turned 3. It was so much fun watching her this year and to see her so excited, I guess she gets it now. Actually the night before her birthday I was in charge of a YW/YW Combined activity and had ordered 6 dozen donuts that came in a huge box. Well I ended up bringing home plenty of left overs and the kids were already in bed. The next morning, Josie's birthday, Josie came upstairs and said, "Santa brought me donuts for my birthday." It was so cute. All of her excitement is making me excited for Christmas. She got a tent and insisted on sleeping in it that night. I think she thought everything was going to disappear, becasue when she woke up this morning she saw her loot and ran to me and said "My toys are here, it's magical." She did get the selfish birthday bug and poor Payton was at the other end of that, until she opened up the Leap Frog toy. She saw that it wasn't pink or purple and handed it right over to Payton, she's still not claiming it. So I'm guesing that Payton will be more intellectual and not as shallow as his sister who is more interested in Fashion Fever Barbies and pink Barbie cars.

The look on her face basically sums up how she was all day. She just couldn't contain it.

When she opened an Arial nightgown she immediately started stripping down in front of us all.

Well, here's the masterpiece. Ha Ha!!!!!

Happy Birthday Josie!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Silly pictures from the Pumpkin Walk

Can you guess who this is?

Lex and Angela

The cutest little green monster around

This might look like Josie, but she would be quick to remind you this is Sleeping Beauty

Can you believe it is November? We have actually still been having great weather, but I'm sure that is not going to last too long. We all survived Halloween, it was fun and busy. The kids weren't too scared, except for Nana Patti, who was dressed as a witch. They wouldn't go near her till she washed her make up off. Josie thoroughly enjoyed being a princess for about a week, till she tore up her costume and Payton didn't mind being a monster as long as the candy kept coming.

Today we had our ultrasound and we survived not finding out the sex of the baby. Although the technician did tell me to call if I changed my mind. Landon and I are still in awe at the ultrasound and how amazing it is to see a baby developing. As far as we know everything looked fine. I also had my first experience at a chiropractor today. It was a little wierd and a little too much into my bubble space, but if it will help then I am willing to try it. Here are some of my horrible Halloween pictures I am definately not a photographer.